My name is Lisa and I am a thirty something mummy to 2 exhausting but amazing little boys, Hayden and Austin.


I started blogging whilst on my second maternity leave at www.mummygummie.com and loved connecting with lots of other mummies. It also provided me with a much needed cathartic release when I began suffering with postnatal depression and anxiety shortly after Austin was born.


The support and encouragement I have had from so many people, not just friends and family but also from women and mothers who I have never even met has been overwhelmingly kind and I honestly don’t think I could have gotten through the past 9 months without it.

I enjoyed the creative side of writing the blog so much, that I wanted to continue to do something creative and that I feel passionate about. So I decided to start Mama Be Kind.

Mama Be Kind is a clothing brand, selling slogan Tees to Mamas and strong women alike supporting them with positive vibes and in mental health.


The Mama Be Kind philosophy is to remember that we are all just doing the best we can, we are enough, it’s ok not to be ok sometimes and not to be so hard on ourselves or judge others. Be kind to ourselves and others.


My hope is that Mama Be Kind, becomes more than just a brand. That it becomes a supportive community for mamas and women who have or are struggling.


10% of all profits will be going to support women with postnatal depression divided between PANDAS charity and Bluebell Care Trust.


All Mama Be Kind tees are made from organic cotton and produced ethically in conjunction with the Fair to Wear Foundation. Every garment is screen printed for a quality finish.


Hope you enjoy wearing the Tees and Remember to BE KIND and please SHARE THE KINDNESS with #mamabekind


Sending you positive vibes & Kindness





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