About me and How Mama Be Kind began...

Who am I?

I am Lisa, owner of Mama Be Kind. If you follow me already on social media then you probably know a bit about me and the brand but just in case you don't....

I am a thirtysomething mum to 2 little boys, Hayden and Austin who are 15 months apart in age. When I am not running the business, I am a doctor and currently training to be a GP. 

Prior to having children, I thought had my life sorted and mapped out, and that would be that. But as you probably know life rarely works out the way we think.

Just before Austin was born, I started a parenting blog, Mummy Gummie, as a way to chat about all things babies and motherhood. I hadn't planned on it becoming anything but I really enjoyed it and have continued ever since. 

After Austin was born and during the next 6 months I really struggled, I felt like I had completely lost myself, I wasn't sleeping, and I couldn't cope. I was diagnosed with POSTNATAL DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY shortly afterward. 

Thanks to the support of a local PND charity, my family and friends and my blog/social media over the past year, I am much better now though still have wobbles sometimes. 

How did Mama Be Kind start?

Whilst still on maternity leave with Austin around October 2017, I made the impulsive decision that in addition to the blog, I wanted to start my own business. (If you know me you'd know this kind of crazy off the cuff idea is very me! 😂)

A business that would be mainly focused on mamas, and would give something back to the people who had helped me so much. 


I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do but no clue whatsoever how to start or go about it. But I am one of those annoying people who if I set my mind to something will see it through regardless! 


Anyway, pretty much at the same time as making this decision (which I'm sure my husband Mike thought was my wackiest one yet!), the FMLY store in Bruton run by the amazing Molly from Selfish Mother started a series of events called #wemeanbusiness. 


Through attending these events and meeting lots of incredible women doing it for themselves and running their own businesses, not to mention meeting a fair few insta mum crushes along the way (Mother Pukka, Holly from Not on the high street) it cemented in me that I really wanted to do this. 


Not only that but gave me the oomph I needed to just do it! and jump and keep everything crossed. 


And so Mama Be Kind was born, selling Womens Slogan Tees & accessories. Slogans that would hopefully remind people to be kind, that its ok to not be ok sometimes, and sometimes lose your sh*t as we all inevitably do sometimes!


In addition to the general message of the slogans and the brand, I wanted to give something more back too, to help other mamas who might be struggling. After being inspired by Molly (Selfish Mother) at The FMLY store I decided to donate 10% of every sale to charities supporting postnatal mental illness.


I chose to divide these donations equally between PANDAS, a national charity, and Bluebell Care, a local Bristol charity that really helped me personally. I haven't made any official donations yet as I want to reach a reasonable donation amount first rather than sending them a few quid here and there, but don't worry its all ready and waiting and when I do send it you all will be the first to know! 





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